Saturday, May 14, 2011

On our way

So much has happened, and I guess it is time to blog again.

We have a room just about ready for the kiddos that will come join our family. In the room is a crib and a twin bed, so hopefully that will be perfect for any placements we get. I still need to get a couple dressers, but I have time for that yet. It is nice to have it coming together.

We have already had 2 weeks of training. The First week was full of information, and we got to meet a few of the families on this journey with us. I was shocked at how many live close to me. Hopefully, over time, we will get to know them better, and we will form a friendship. For now, we are enjoying learning from some amazing families, and working towards helping some of Arizona's kids.
Week 2 was a bit more about the feelings of everyone involved in foster care, and how to work as a unit. I admit, it will be a little struggle to get used to the idea of working with and supporting a family that had their child taken away. However, i do believe that everyone makes mistakes, and if a family is doing what they need to do to get their kid back, then I would love to support that.

Our instructors seem great! There is a lot of wonderful energy in the room, while we are learning. I am glad they have outgoing, and positive personalities, and they encourage us to work together and to learn from one another. I honestly feel I will learn a lot from these women.

We will have week 3 of class tomorrow. I am kind of nervous about this class, because it deals a lot with loss, and I am just hoping there is not too much strong emotion brought up. I am a far way from where i was almost a year ago, and i have learned a lot about myself over the last several months and years. I just hope that I can take some of what i have learned about loss, and help others.

We have already turned in our family profile, and I know at least one of our references has turned in their paperwork. So excited, and so grateful for good friends. We are still waiting to hear from our licensing worker. Hopefully by next week we will get a chance to meet with her.(or him)

I feel so ready for all of this. I feel this is a calling in my life. I have always been interested in foster care, and have wanted to be a foster mom for many many years. I had no idea the path i was going to be on, that would bring me here now, at this point in my life, but here I am. It will be a blessing to work with children and families. I am grateful for the support we have received when it comes to this work we have planned.

The kids seem excited. Last week they had to draw pictures and write a little story about being a foster family, and Emma said she hopes we get 20 kids. And ALL babies! Gabby and Samantha are hoping we get a child on the older end of our age range, because they want antoher playmate. Actually, Samantha wants a kiddo that is older than her, because she wants and older sister. Sadly, i dont feel we are ready for that at this point in our lives, so we are sticking to the younger kids.
I hear the girls telling their friends about this journey and they are so proud to help other. I am truly blessed by the amazing, compassionate, and thoughtful kids I have. It is times like these, that I make me grateful for the things that have happened in our lives, that have kept us grounded. We have had a lot of tragedy, and real big "issues" and we have held on to each other for dear life, and formed a strong family unit. My kids are amazing, and I know they will continue to do amazing things.

I guess that is it for now. In just a few hours will be week 3 of 11, and we will be another 3 hours closer to our goal.

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