Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guess it is time

I guess it is time for me to start using this blog.
Today it became official. We are foster parents. And to really make it Official, we have been placed with 2 super sweet kiddos.
J is 17 months and so adorable. He is very sweet and friendly, and extra cuddly. His Sister, I, is a very energetic almost 3 year old. You can tell she is used to taking care of her and her brother, even at not even 3 years old. She is a great big sister. I think it will take her a little while to get used to our rules, but I think she will do great. Oh and BONUS. We found out she is potty trained! WOOHOO!
This truly is the start of a new adventure. Something we have dreamed about and wished for, for many years, and today it became a reality, with a full on reality check!
Looking forward to playing lots tomorrow. maybe even a trip to the park! Should be a blast!
Oh, and my 4 bio kids seem very excited as well. My girls are being such great helps! Diesel is sharing his toys like a champ! I would consider today a success!

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